Aesthetic Gynecology Specialists of WNY


After years of practicing Obstetrics and Gynecology, performing multiple deliveries and gynecologic surgeries, and caring for women, we realized that they wanted and needed something more. Women did not like the changes that were happening as they aged or gave birth. Women always wanted to be beautiful at any age!

Aesthetic – derives from Greek word aisthetikos, which can be translated in English as "concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty".
Gynecology – comes from Greek gyne “woman” and -logia “study”.

We decided to name our practice Aesthetic Gynecology Specialists because we believe that we can offer our patients treatment options and surgeries that can restore a more youthful and pleasing appearance and make them feel more feminine and beautiful again.

We bring extensive clinical experience and surgical skills acquired through many years of training and practice that will allow us to meet and exceed our patients’ expectations.